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To all of our attendees and sponsors for a successful virtual event!

With over 300 people in attendance and 50 speakers, this was our most successful conference yet.

We are so grateful to our sponsors and exhibitors for helping make this event so outstanding.

See you all in 2021!

Standing in Solidarity

The National Trafficking Sheltered Alliance is deeply saddened by racial injustice happening throughout the country. With the tragic death of Mr. George Floyd and in response to the countless lives lost, including Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery, NTSA feels committed to act.

Read our full statement of support here.

    NEW! Accreditation Review Panel

After researching review panels for accreditation in other fields, NTSA has discovered some common practices that help ensure credibility, objectivity, and trust. Therefore, NTSA is launching a new model for our review panel!

Do you know someone who has a passion for bettering the field of anti-trafficking services? The NTSA review panel will now include member nominated panelists! NTSA Members are encouraged to nominate experts in their agency or individuals they have partnered with in their local community who show excellence in their specific field.

Help us launch the new NTSA review panel by encouraging your local expert partners to apply to be an NTSA Accreditation Panelist. We want members to have a voice in who sits on the review panel!

What is the National Trafficking Sheltered Alliance?

The field of residential care for survivors of sexual exploitation/prostitution/trafficking is relatively new. According to our 2017 “Practices” survey, the average agency offering shelter services for trafficking victims has only 5.28 years of experience. With a field this new, we need to be intentional about supporting one another, continuously learning, and working together to advance the profession.

Therefore, the Alliance has been established with the following objectives: to offer a feature-rich online platform where members can share and learn, develop professional education to increase staff and leadership competencies, assert standards of care leading to levels of accreditation, and work together with service providers to ensure the highest quality of care for survivors.

The Goals of the Alliance

To foster a responsive Community of members

To improve the Competency of agencies to do their work

To enhance the
Credibility of this field


The Alliance's mission is to bring together residential service providers. We also encourage membership and participation of any organization or entity that is actively engaged in anti-trafficking efforts. Check out our two types of membership to see which one fits best for your organization.



General membership is designed specifically for agencies that are currently open and providing residential services for survivors of human trafficking, sexual exploitation, or prostitution. 

Those of us who have experienced living day to day with survivors understand the joys and difficulties we face working with this unique population. Through the Alliance’s general membership, we are able to connect with others who have responded to the need to serve alongside those who have experienced the darkest side of humanity.



As a community of residential service providers, we recognized that partnering with other service providers beyond residential is crucial to effectively responding to the needs of this population. 

In response, we offer the Associate Membership which is designed specifically for agencies that work with survivors when they are in a different season of need from residential. This includes street outreach, drop-in centers, case management, advocacy and awareness, and the other various ways we must work to support those most in need.


Too often, the process of getting victims placed in programs involves a frontline responder spending hours looking for availability. The Alliance endeavors to improve the efficiency of victim placement into qualified programs, so we have created the Alliance Referral System (ARS).

A Referring Agency (law enforcement, courts, hospital, social work, task force, etc.) with a candidate fills out the ARS form.

The form is quickly reviewed and then immediately sent out to our database of approved shelter programs.

Shelter programs that have availability and match the candidate’s needs contact the Referring Agency, and they take it from there.

Interested in working or interning in the field of anti-human trafficking? 

The National Trafficking Sheltered Alliance is looking for remote interns! 

Check out all available positions with NTSA and our Alliance members here

If you are a member agency interested in posting a position on the NTSA job board, email membership@shelteredalliance.org with your position description.


“Wings of Refuge is thrilled to align with the National Trafficking Sheltered Alliance. Their conference was the richest I have been to from a nuts and bolts standpoint on "doing restoration" with survivors. I have had a dream in my heart to work smarter and not harder, that we are better together, and so much can be gained in unifying whenever possible. Being at the Sheltered conference was like watching the dream in my heart play out on a national level."

Joy Fopma

Development Director at Wings of Refuge

"As the Director of a new organization in the fight against Human Trafficking, I felt like I was drowning in a sea of information, questions and tasks to complete. It was so overwhelming. Then Ked Frank told me about NTSA. When I visited the site it was like, 'Wow! So many resources---So much collective experience--- So many questions answered.' Joining NTSA was one of the best decisions our team could have made. Thank you so much for all that you do."

Pearlie Hodges, LCSW, MPA

Executive Director at Life Matters Residential

"The Sheltered Alliance is the answer to the need for shelters to share resources and collaborate to develop best practices in shelter care. Her Song is so happy to be in the company of the many pioneers working for liberty and justice for trafficking victims."

Rachel White

Founder and Executive Director at Her Song Jacksonville

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