After researching review panels for accreditation in other fields, NTSA has discovered some common practices that help ensure credibility, objectivity, and trust. Therefore, NTSA is launching a new model for our review panel!


Do you know someone who has a passion for bettering the field of anti-trafficking services? The NTSA review panel will now include member nominated panelists! NTSA Members are encouraged to nominate experts in their agency or individuals they have partnered with in their local community who show excellence in their specific field.

Help us launch the new NTSA review panel by encouraging your local expert partners to apply to be an NTSA Accreditation Panelist. We want members to have a voice in who sits on the review panel.


We will be accepting nominations until November 30, 2020. Check out the details about the Review Panel and the application below.


Introduction to NTSA Accreditation and Essential Standards

The NTSA has established a set of industry essential standards for care of survivors of human trafficking and sexual exploitation. These are standards that NTSA General Member services are vetted against. The Essential Standards were developed by experts in the field with advisement from survivors who have themselves been in residential programs. These standards are important as they ensure agencies are equipped to provide quality care for survivors.

NTSA’s ambition is to create well informed and widely adopted essential standards that residential programs use as a guide throughout the country.

Through the advice of experts in complimentary accreditation fields, we are finding more ways to make this program stronger, more credible, and more empowering for agencies to ensure quality of care. This will include templates, resources, and increased clarity for meeting the Essential Standards, which will support members with moving through the process smoothly and efficiently. Please continue to check back as NTSA's Accreditation continues to be enhanced!


NTSA's review process to ensure General Members meet the Essential Standards is a 3-step process:

1. The agency will submit the necessary documentation.

2. Once documentation has been submitted, it will be reviewed along with an assessment of the agency’s website and social media content. Any feedback that the review panel finds will be brought to the attention of the agency.

3. Once the documentation has been assessed, there will be a 1 hour phone or video interview.

After the interview, the review panel will make final decisions on whether the agency has met the essential standards and will offer any feedback. When complete, the agency will get the official Alliance Member seal to prove they have met the essential standards. General members will need to be reevaluated every two years to ensure that they continue to maintain the essential standards.


NTSA Accreditation Review Panel - Qualifications, Expectations and Application

The Review Panel acts as an overseeing body that ensures that the essential standards established by NTSA are met and upheld by organizations seeking accreditation. In order to ensure objectivity, credibility, and consistency when vetting NTSA General Members, it is essential that an expert review panel of trusted professionals is the final decision-maker in the review process. Through the member review process, NTSA members can trust that their organization is being reviewed in an unbiased manner by individuals with relevant expertise. Survivors, case managers, and survivor advocates looking for quality programs to provide residential care can trust that vetted programs have been held to the essential standards and have proven their ability to meet those standards.


NTSA Review Panel - Membership Qualifications & Expectations

In order to be considered for the NTSA Review Panel, individuals must be nominated by a current NTSA Member or recommended by a relevant professional association or the NTSA Board of Directors.

The NTSA Review Panel will consist of six individuals from varying disciplines relevant to NTSA’s Essential Standards. The NTSA Board of Directors will select members of the panel to ensure different viewpoints are adequately represented. The disciplines represented include one seat for Governance/Ethics/Compliance, one seat for Risk Management/Safety/Facilities, two seats for Personnel/Client Care/Services, one seat for Media/Public Relations, and one seat for Minor-Serving Considerations. NTSA Review Panel members should be considered experts in their respective fields, through holding an advanced degree and/or demonstrating extensive professional experience, in order to best aid their role as panelist at NTSA.

If you have any questions or concerns about the NTSA Accreditation Review Panel, please email Rachel (Kersjes) Karper at