Aaron Newcomb

Co-Founder and Development Director, Engedi Refuge

Engaging Men in the Restorative Process

  • Breakout Session
  • La Grange Campus Track C
  • February 27 2019 10:45 AM - 11:45 AM

I believe men hold significant power to change lives, protect the oppressed, and actually stop the demand for commercialized sex. In our efforts to keep sex trafficking survivors safe and offer them restorative care, men often feel like they don't have a role to play. In fact they often either struggle to feel authentic compassion for survivors, they feel a sense of shame for their own complicit behavior in sexual exploitation, or vicarious shame for what other men have done to these victims. Either way, men usually feel paralyzed or confused when it comes to committing themselves to serving and helping them. Having walked this path myself, I will share what I've shared with many men's groups, churches and university students in my own community; a new perspective, encouragement, personal testimony and a dynamic strategy. Men wield economic, social, political and spiritual power in our society that only they can use to protect the vulnerable and stop exploitation. Men need a vision, an example, and meaningful motivation to engage this fight. This presentation is designed to leave men (and women) feeling hopeful and equipped to jump into the redemptive and restorative process.