Aaron Newcomb

Co-Founder and Development Director, Engedi Refuge

Amanda Hightower

Executive Director, REST

Dr. Jeffrey Barrows

Founder, Gracehaven

Ked Frank

President, Refuge for Women

Preparing for & Starting a Restorative Home

  • Panel Discussion
  • La Grange Campus TBD
  • February 28 2019 3:45 PM - 4:30 PM

How in the world do you get started?! Good question. We will be sharing experiences of establishing a 'residential care' facility and program from the ground up. This is a shared presentation, designed to be practical, informative, and encouraging as together we look at the challenges of finding property, permitting, staffing, funding and community support. There is a rich diversity of agency founders and directors on this panel who can speak from experience to multiple issues and bring helpful tips.