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Tuesday, Mar 17, 2020

2:00 pm

Pre-conference Activities

Defining Your Shelter Program Room Crescent

Jeanne Allert

CPR Certification Training Room Pinnacle

Ashley Parker

Wednesday, Mar 18, 2020

9:45 am

Breakout Session 1

NTSA Minimum Standards & Referral System Room Breakout Room A

Melissa Yao, Kim Checkeye

11:00 am

Breakout Session 2

Creating a Successful Fundraising Event Room Breakout Room A

Susan Ingram, Madelynn Reyes, Chapple Watkins, Holly Hyche

Legal Responses - Using the Civil Court Room Breakout Room B

Gregory Zarzaur, Brian Kent

12:00 pm

Lunch & Keynote

Empowering Survivors without Re-exploiting Room Main Room/Worship Center

Susan Ingram, Shelia Simpkins - McClain

1:45 pm

Breakout Session 3

3:00 pm

Interactive Workshop 1

Trauma-Informed Tactics Room Breakout Room B

Michelle Harrison

Building a Marketing & Communications Strategy Room Breakout Room C

Chapple Watkins, Steve Kaloper

Staff Care and the Enneagram Room Breakout Room A

Debby Haralson

Thursday, Mar 19, 2020

9:00 am

Opening Session

Thursday Morning Devotion Room Main Room/Worship Center

Brian Sites

Thursday Table Talk - Morning Self-Care Room Room TBD

Dr. Jason Quintal

9:45 am

Breakout Session 4

Partnering with Law Enforcement Room Breakout Room A

Kim Checkeye, Doug Gilmer, Teresa Collier, Ricky Lynn

Financial Accountability Room Breakout Room B

Dan Busby

Serving LGBTQIA Survivors Room Breakout Room C

Audrey Baedke, Sill Davis

11:00 am

Breakout Session 5

12:00 pm

Lunch & Keynote

How About Your Team? Room Main Room/Worship Center

Amanda Hightower

1:45 pm

Breakout Session 6

Organizational Health and Staffing Room Breakout Room B

Carolyn Potter, Debby Haralson

Filling in the Gaps: Serving the Underserved Room Breakout Room A

Kyla Conlee, Sill Davis, Tawanda Williams

3:00 pm

Interactive Workshop 2

Creating Donor Development Strategies Room Breakout Room C

Carolyn Potter, Holly Hyche

Creating a Successful Social Enterprise Room Breakout Room A

Hal Cato

De-escalation & Conflict Management Room Breakout Room B

Dr. Rondy Smith

Friday, Mar 20, 2020

9:00 am

Opening Session

Friday Morning Devotion Room Main Room/Worship Center

Brian Sites

Friday Table Talk - Morning Self-Care Room Room TBD

Dr. Jason Quintal

9:45 am

Breakout Session 7

Volunteer Development Room Breakout Room B

Lea Newcomb

Serving Minority & Foreign National Survivors Room Breakout Room A

Sill Davis, Susan Liu, Karla Ampier

Serving Minors: Sharing Lessons Learned Room Breakout Room C

Erica Peoples, Lacy Tolar, Tricia MacFarlan

11:00 am

Main Room Session 1

Advocacy Room Main Room/Worship Center

Lisa Thompson

12:00 pm
1:30 pm

Main Room Session 2

Trauma-Informed Care Room Main Room/Worship Center

Chris Lim

2:30 pm

Main Room Session 3

Don't Give Up Room Main Room/Worship Center