Lisa Thompson

Vice President of Policy and Research, National Center on Sexual Exploitation

Why Prostitution Policy Matters in the Fight to End Sexploitation

  • Keynote
  • Southeast Christian Church La Grange Campus Main Room/Worship Center
  • March 20 2020 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

To the extent that prostitution is normalized, given legal sanction, or just ignored, the global supply chain of sexual exploitation expands. By exploring prostitution in Nevada, Germany, and in online environments, this presentation will demonstrate the vital importance for robust policy advocacy in the fight for freedom from sexploitation. Special emphasis will be given to the topics of 1) the global sex work movement and the push for full decriminalization of prostitution, 2) the role of technology in the prostitution marketplace, 3) the emergence of “sugaring” and 4) combating demand for commercial sex.