Sill Davis

Founder, Oasis Consulting Group

Susan Liu

Associate Director of Women's Services, Garden of Hope-New York

Karla Ampier

Qualified Trauma Specialist, True Justice International

Serving Minority & Foreign National Survivors

Panel Discussion
Southeast Christian Church La Grange Campus Breakout Room A


“Sex Trafficking in the Chinese Immigrant Community: Victim Profile, Push Factors, Implications on Mental Health and Victim Mentality, and Culturally- and-Trauma Informed Approaches to Providing Services


1. Understanding the vulnerabilities in Chinese immigrant women in the lower social economic cluster in the US society and how they become prey to exploitation
2. Explain the tactics traffickers use to lure vulnerable women into sexual servitude
3. The reasons to challenges of finding victims
4. What’s keeping victims in the trap: The impact of gender based violence doubled with immigration experience on survivors'/ victims' mentality as well as mental health
5. Explore how to use culturally and trauma informed approaches to create positive service outcome