I have questions about my registration, who do I contact?

If you have questions about your registration, please contact events@shelteredalliance.org.

Are there any scholarship opportunities available?

Yes, if you are a survivor of trafficking/exploitation and need scholarship assistance, please email us at events@shelteredalliance.org.

Are there opportunities for sponsorship and to be an exhibitor?

Yes! Even though we are virtual, there are many ways to be a sponsor and an exhibitor! If you are interested please contact Kendyl Berger at events@shelteredalliance.org.

Will you be providing CEU's?

We do not currently provide CEU’s, but we can provide you with a certificate confirming your attendance. If there are specific details needed, such as course descriptions and presenter descriptions for the sessions you attend, please let us know. To request a certificate, please email events@shelteredalliance.org.

What is Whova and how do I join Sheltered Virtual 2021?

Whova is our online event platform that will host Sheltered Virtual! More information coming soon! Each attendee will be sent a unique URL to join the Sheltered Virtual Conference, as well as tutorials on how to download and interact through the Whova App and your desktop.

How can I make the most out of my Sheltered Virtual Conference experience?

Let's do Sheltered Virtual "together"!

  1. Mark your calendar and block out time for Sheltered Virtual like you would for an in-person conference. Sheltered Virtual will have live and on-demand content available each day; make sure to silence your other devices so that you can be present, just as you would when you go to an in-person conference. If you are planning to still work during the days of the conference, plan ahead of time which sessions you want to prioritize and block off those times in your schedule, or have colleagues cover your time as you are participating during the conference. You might even consider putting an away message on your email.
  2. Take advantage of community and networking opportunities! We want to ensure you have every opportunity to connect with others during Sheltered Virtual. Through the Whova platform, you have the ability to join or create meet-up groups in order to share ideas and collaborate, ask questions, and discuss sessions. There is also a live discussion board for everyone to view and contribute to throughout the conference! We are also adding a networking feature that you will not want to miss!
  3. Engage with the content and sessions. It is so easy to be distracted or to lose attention when watching a video lecture rather than an in-person lecture. We encourage you to take notes, think of questions to bring up with the speaker (Whova allows attendees to ask questions during each on-demand and live session!), plan follow-up discussion points to go over with your coworkers, or come up with next steps you can bring back to your organization. There will be documents available to download based on the session.
  4. Be strategic about what you want to take away from the Sheltered Virtual Conference experience. Before the conference starts, take a look at the session schedule and think through what topics are most relevant to you and your organization. Determine three goals you have for your Sheltered Virtual experience and stay focused on those goals throughout the sessions. 

How long will the presentations/content be available for viewing?

If you registered for Sheltered Virtual, then you will be able to view the on-demand/pre-recorded presentations until the end of day on Monday, October 25. Live presentations will not be available for later viewing.