Ashleigh Chapman, JD

President, AFRJ

Engaging the Business Community in Solutions that Empower Survivor

  • Other Session
  • October 20 2021 8:00 AM - 11:59 PM

Creating pathways to vocational and educational success post-restorative care programs is a challenge for direct-service providers and survivors in nearly every community across the United States. We believe that is because a critical partner is often missing from the table: the business community. Whether local or global, large or small, the business community is uniquely positioned to come alongside restorative care programs and survivors in ways that only they can accomplish and in ways that are greatly needed. This session will focus on that world of possibilities, promising partnerships and programs that are already succeeding, and advice on how to engage business as a partner to empower survivors in your care.

Objectives from Presentation:
1. All the ways businesses can partner with restoration programs;
2. Highlights of business engagement models already having great success in empowering survivors; and
3. Best practices on how to successfully engage businesses in your local community