Stephanie Clark

CEO, Amirah Inc.

Expanding When the World Shuts Down

  • Other Session
  • October 21 2021 8:00 AM - 11:59 PM

The year+ of Covid changed our lives forever. Yet, the work we do did not go away. During the pandemic, Amirah was able to expand the services we offer, including opening a second safe home in our Residential Program. This workshop will explore the challenges that come with living in the unknown when it is still the time to grow and push forward.

Learning Objectives:
1. The attendee will have a better understanding of assessing the risks and challenges when it comes to growth and expansion.
2. The attendee will learn some practical lessons to help grow, expand, and duplicate services.
3. The attendee will come away challenged to make movements happen in the vision casting, whether that be real steps forward or moments of pause to reflect.