Jenny Footle

Founder, Beautiful Feet Wellness

Finding How to Fit: Positive Impacts of Fitness and Wellness Programming for Survivors of Human Trafficking

  • Other Session
  • October 20 2021 8:00 AM - 11:59 PM

For survivors working to regain a life post trafficking and learn ways to help their mind heal from trauma, bodily healing is just as important. It's not only good mental health practices, but also physically restorative practices that will bring survivors from surviving to thriving. This workshop will teach participants the positive impacts of fitness and wellness programming for survivors of human trafficking and how to bring it into their residential program. They’ll learn about approachable activities well suited for survivors, ways to encourage others to pursue activity to bolster their healing journey, about trauma informed fitness instruction, and helping survivors find their “fit.” As an integral bonus, participants will learn self care practices for their own wellness to be sustainable and healthy service providers.

Objectives from presentation:
1. Offer compelling and meaningful messaging to survivors and service providers, encouraging them to pursue health and wellness activities.
2. Know at least 3 wellness activities that are appropriate, effective, and sustainable for survivors.
3. Identify qualities of an effective instructor and ways to help the instructor be trauma informed in their role including self care practices to help them be healthy and sustainable.