Kennedy Smith, MSW

Program Coordinator, Eden's Glory

Meghan Reedy, LCSW

Clinical Director of Foster Kairos, Eden's Glory

Foster Kairos: An "In-Home" Approach to Serving CSEC Suriviors

  • Other Session
  • October 21 2021 8:00 AM - 11:59 PM

We will explain Foster Kairos' method of serving CSEC survivors through a 2 prong framework: 1) free trauma-informed care directly to minors who are survivors of human trafficking, or who have experienced trauma, through individual therapy and age appropriate groups and classes with other survivors. 2) Partnering with caregivers of children who have been trafficked or experienced extensive trauma. These families are provided free specialized training and coaching by our staff to care for survivors of trafficking and abuse. With this model, children are able to be in a home with a family while receiving the therapy and support needed to work through their trauma. We believe that true and real healing comes from Jesus. Through free, Christ-centered, trauma-informed, evidence based therapy and trainings we hope to help families find freedom from the past pain of abuse. We do this in relationship, in a safe environment, with qualified staff who are focused on these families’ holistic care. Our end goal is that these children and teens will not end up needing a residential home for adult survivors in the future, thus putting ourselves out of business.

Objectives from presentation:
1. Gain understanding of the importance of the family model with trauma survivors - including CSEC
2.Gain understanding of the importance of trauma-informed training and therapeutic tools for parents (including foster parents) of CSEC survivors.
3. Learn the evidence-based framework used by Foster Kairos.