Keelin Washington

Survivor Advocate/Mental Health Coach, GenerateHope

Survivor Colleagues: A Trauma Integrated Approach to Inclusive Practices

  • Other Session
  • October 20 2021 8:00 AM - 11:59 PM

This training is designed to close the gaps between the Survivor Leader and the organizations they work with. While also providing support to the organizations to continue the No Harm approach and work in collaboration with each other. We will be providing training on Trauma Informed Care and take it a step further and learn about the Trauma Integrated Approach. An approach that focuses on communication, diversity, inclusion, belonging, and psychological safety.

Objectives from presentation:
We will be covering non trauma informed management & systems. Getting a better look at what that might look like in the workplace and being able to identify and respond in a trauma informed way. We will demonstrate what open and genuine collaboration with a Survivor Leaders looks like and a focus on empowerment and resilience rather than symptom management. We will train on how to create a space that feels inclusive, creates belonging, and shaping the view of Survivors from a strengths based approach.