Brenda Bertrand

Speaker & Coach

The Art of Self Care: Becoming a Healed Healer

  • Other Session
  • October 21 2021 8:00 AM - 11:59 PM

What I hear constantly from women in the helping profession, is true of my own experience; they really want to take care of themselves—but they feel they’re just too busy for 'self-care'. Too busy to stop. Too busy to be. In this practical, no holds barred session on self-care, we will seek simple ways to make our crazy, busy life a smoother ride, with self-compassion and care at its center. This session offers simple, practices that can be in support of—not in opposition to—our already busy lives. With these insights, participants will unearth their own calm and reclaim the joy of simple self-care—free of judgment or “shoulds,” let go of what stifles joy and reimagine meaning in our work and how best to care for ourselves as we care for others. This experiential and practical session will offer a safe and brave space for courageous self-care with compassion and a renewed calm in work and life.

-Peel back the layers of busyness to find out what you really want/need. Deepen your self-awareness in order to become healthy while you help others
-Learn self-care strategies that don't add to the busyness but refreshes your tiredness
-Recognize the the inner and outer voices (judgement, not enough-ness, imposter syndrome, self-doubt, people pleasing, etc.) that keep high performing women from slowing down long enough for self-care