Becca Johnson, PhD

Author & Consulting Psychologist, Agape International Mission

Victim-Centered Recovery - Walking Through Change

  • Keynote
  • October 19 2021 2:30 PM - 3:00 PM

In this session you will gain specific tools for assisting victims and survivors down the path to recovery. Drawing upon Leaving the Life – Embracing Freedom from Exploitation, participants will have access to free copies of this resource to use with survivors as we seek to encourage and empower them to “get out and stay out” of The Life. (Note: This victim-centered resource was co-written by a psychologist and a survivor-leader to facilitate the healing journey of those who have suffered from exploitation.)

Objectives of this session:
1). Gain an understanding of what “victim-centered recovery” is and also how to apply the “stages of change” model to victim restoration.
2). Learn specific, practical tools from helpful resources developed to facilitate survivor stabilization and recovery.
3). Be able to implement this victim-centered recovery in your own programs.