Jeri Moomaw

Founder & Executive Director, Innovations Human Trafficking Collaborative

Jeri Moomaw, Founder/Executive Director, Innovations Human Trafficking Collaborative She is a Shoshone/Cree and a specialist on human trafficking in Indian Country. Over the past 20 years, Jeri has worked with youth and adult high-risk individuals, providing direct client services, developing and overseeing programs, creating curriculum and training content to combat commercial sexual exploitation, human trafficking, MMIP, and violence against youth and women.

Innovations Human Trafficking Collaborative is an Indigenous survivor-led social justice non-profit based in Olympia WA. IHTC is action-focused and our mission is to engage first responders, tribes, and other stakeholders in eliminating human trafficking through solution-based knowledge and trauma-informed strategies, and to empower survivors to heal and build self-sufficient, affirming lives. Our goal is to ensure that the voices of those with lived experience are elevated and inclusive of all forms of exploitation.