Polly Bumgardner

Founder & Director, Zoe Life Outreach

The journey began in 2014 when I began ministering to the girls who worked at the strip club in Williston, ND. I also received training regarding sex-trafficking during this time. After 2 years of bringing meals to the house where the girls who worked at the club and building relationships with them, the club closed. During this 2 year season, Zoe Life Outreach was birthed. About a year later I felt led to look into starting a restorative home which led to my meeting Jeanne Allert of The Samaritan Women. She recommended attending the NTSA conference in 2019. During the conference the burnout rate of staff in restorative homes hit my heart. God changed our direction at that time to create a place for those experiencing ministry fatigue, vicarious trauma etc. to Rest, be Restored and Return to the call the Lord has placed on their path. Though we are not on the front lines with survivors, their healing journey is the motivation for what we do. A stable, trustworthy environment will promote the healing and freedom survivors are need. Zoe Life Outreach is a registered 501(c)(3) organization and the property my husband and I purchased is Metanoia Place.