Q: How many people can use my organization's membership?

A: As a member, each organization can have up to 5 logins. We strongly suggest you use some of these logins for your:

  • Executive Director
  • Fundraiser/Finance manager
  • Survivor Services Director/Case manager

Check out this tutorial if you need help inviting people for your logins. 


Q: Can member organizations share events/trainings they are hosting with other members?

A: If you have an event that you would like to invite other members to, you can submit a request to membership@shelteredalliance.org. We will review your event, and, if approved, post it in the News, Events, and Opportunities Board for other members to see. In order for an event to be approved, it must meet the requirements of our Event Sharing Policy


Q: My agency is new and hasn't opened our facility yet, can I still join the Alliance?

A: YES! Those agencies that aren't able to meet the minimum standards of General Membership are welcome to join as Associate Members. Once you are able to meet those requirements, you can change your membership to General. The Alliance wants to support you as you work towards becoming an open and running restorative home; please feel free to contact us if you are struggling to meet these standards or if you have questions about membership. 


Q: What's the benefit of being a General Member versus an Associate Member?

A: As a General Member you are making a commitment to a level of standards that qualifies you to have the Alliance member seal. General Members will be expected to produce documentation that they meet our minimum standards. Once a General Member has gone through our approval process, they can receive the member seal, which can be displayed on their website and marketing materials. General Members will also receive more frequent newsletters with content and resources and can share events on the Alliance website. 

Once the pilot phase of Rapid Referral is over, only General Members will be receiving Rapid Referrals. This is to ensure that frontline responders can feel confident that any agency they send a candidate to will meet our minimum standards. If you have questions about this, you can contact membership@shelteredalliance.org.


Q: Our Agency is currently hiring, how do I add a job to the jobs board?

A: All Members can submit a job the Alliance Membership Coordinator at membership@shelteredalliance.org. The Alliance Membership Coordinator will add it to the jobs board then make you the manager of that job, so all applications will go to you.