To feel the support of a responsive Community of members.

  • Gain access to a system where members can receive placement referrals and help expedite care services for survivors
  • Be part of a feature-rich online platform where members can share and learn based on their specific areas of interest
  • Join the annual Sheltered Conference for a discounted rate

To improve the Competency of your agency to do their work.

  • Gain professional education to increase staff and leadership competencies at your organization
  • Access legal tools and templates to ensure the integrity and protection of your agency
  • Learn from others in the Alliance community to help your organization cultivate a system of best practices

To be part of a Collective Voice in social change.

  • Join fellow service providers as we inform social change
  • Gain a group of peers that advocate for the highest quality of care for survivors

To enhance the
Credibility of this field.

  • Direct research projects to inform and equip the movement of abolition and victim care
  • Partner with academic institutions to improve research on trauma and trafficking
  • Assert guidelines and standards of care leading to levels of accreditation

Sign Up for a Membership

The Alliance encourages membership and participation of any organization or entity that is actively engaged in anti-trafficking efforts. Check out our two types of membership to see which one fits best for your organization.



The General Membership is available to direct service providers who meet all of the following criteria:

  1. Direct service provider, with a demonstrated commitment to serving the needs of victims and survivors of sexual exploitation
  2. Operates a currently open and running residential care as part of the programming for survivors of sexual exploitation. This may include shelter, assessment center, restorative home, graduated housing, etc.
  3. Meets the minimum standards as set forth by the alliance
  4. Maintains 501(c)3 status with the federal government



The Associate Membership is available to organizations or entities that fit into one of these categories:

  1. Entities that provide direct support services to victims and survivors of sexual exploitation, but do not provide residential services. Services may include (but are not limited to) drop-in centers, educational programs, advocacy, information and referral support, hotline, therapeutic services, and/or chemical dependency treatment. Note: a referrer does not have to be a member and can access certain features of the site in order to make a referral.
  2. Entities engaged in anti-trafficking efforts but are not directly serving victims or survivors of sexual exploitation.
  3. Entities preparing to provide direct service to victims or survivors of sexual exploitation but are not yet operational.

Community groups are where members can post questions, discuss, and share ideas with other members. If there is a specific topic you want to connect with other members about, you can join a group and chat with your peers in a similar job role.

Each organization that joins the Alliance has five logins they can use for different staff members. Our community groups give these staff members the chance to discuss concerns, issues and trends related to their specific roles with their peers across the U.S. Executive directors can discuss board relations with other executive directors; case managers can pose questions about finding a dentist to other case managers. Fundraisers can chat about grant opportunities with other fundraisers.

In order to do the work of providing long-term service to survivors of human trafficking, sexual exploitation, and prostitution, it is essential to keep learning and utilizing all resources at our disposal. As a member you will have access to content from our Sheltered Conference, podcasts, links to outside resources, courses, and templates. This content spans from topics like drug addiction to HR documents.

Since this field is so new, research is an essential part of moving towards greater credibility. Members have the opportunity to take part in research projects in partnership with academic institutions. They also have the opportunity to guide what research needs to be done to better the field at large. This means we steer the topics to be relevant and helpful to our everyday work.