By joining the Alliance your organization will benefit from a network of other professionals as we all seek to improve our services.

There will be opportunities to engage with fellow workers in the field through shared resources, annual conferences, and connection to peers in our community groups. You will learn the latest trends in services, what laws and/or regulations are relevant that you need to be mindful of, and who is leading the way in best practices.


When registering for your membership:

1. For those interested in becoming a GENERAL member, make sure you meet the minimum requirements. 

2. Please set aside 20-30 minutes in order to complete the form. 

3. When selecting your community tags, please choose those that best represent the clients you serve and the type of service you provide. These are tags we will use when filtering for the Rapid Referral. 

4. As a member, your organization gets 5 logins, which you can give to other staff from your agency. We suggest you reserve a login for a person from each department including your survivor services and your fundraising/finance team. 

General Member

or $1,200.00/year

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Associate Member

or $600.00/year

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