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The mission and purpose of the Alabaster Jar Project is to restore, rehabilitate and empower women affected by human trafficking and sexual exploitation here in San Diego.  San Diego is the 8th largest area in the United States with high intensity sex trafficking of minors.  There is an estimated 8,000 women being exploited annually in San Diego and over 80% of these women are U.S. citizens (Gates & Carpenter, 2016). 

The women we serve are now adults and no longer minors but were indoctrinated into a life of human trafficking and exploitation when they were vulnerable teenagers.  They now need restorative services, including housing, to help rebuild their lives.  We are a small non-profit and have capacity to house and provide long-term residential care and services to these women.  We also serve survivors of trafficking & exploitation through our Resource Center in Escondido by providing clothing, toiletries and a Peer-led Support Group.       

We began providing services in the Fall of 2014 and to date we have been able to assist 276 women, we have housed 21 and have employed 9 survivors.   We employ survivors as key members of our care team and have found this to be successful and impactful. 

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