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Forgotten Children, Inc., (FCI) was established in 2006 by Pastor Paula Daniels, in direct response to the growing issues of human trafficking in Orange County, San Bernardino, Lynwood, and the South Los Angeles community. We strive to minimize victim suffering and reduce the long-term traumas caused by human trafficking and the sexual exploitation of women and girls by providing comprehensive intervention and prevention services.  Our various programs address the economical, emotional and psychological consequences caused by victimizers and those who consume. Under current leadership, we have established a safe house in San Bernardino, organized several street teams, a jail bag program and a resource/support center in Lynwood. 


Our intensive model takes a holistic approach to eliminating the effects human trafficking has on its victims.  Our process starts by intuitively outreaching and providing hygienic and educational materials in hotspots known for/or reported as areas where victims are actively “working.” We continue supporting victims as they find their way out of the state of victimization by making information, resource, and supportive services available to all who visit our Drop-in and Resource Center. When victims are personally ready to rebuild their lives, we provide housing at Rachel’s House of Healing with an intensive focus on healing each individual who make it out of the life by preparing them for self-sufficiency within 2 years. We also provide diversion and outreach services for women incarcerated for prostitution and sexual exploitation in local jails through our Road to Freedom program. 

In our 13th year of programming, FCI is excited to be at the helm of growth as we execute our mission and purpose to rescue, restore, educate and bring hope to victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation.  The task at hand is enormous as data suggests almost 300,000 children in our nation are at high risk for being trafficked into the sex industry yearly and the appalling reality is that the average entry age is twelve years old and the average length of stay in the life is seven years.  

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