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FREE is a 501(c)3 organization in Berks County, Pennsylvania dedicated to fighting Sex Trafficking and all forms of Commercial Sexual Exploitation. The Three Pillars of our organization are Restorative Care, Prayer and Community Awareness.  

In September of 2019, FREE opened The Resting Place, our women's drop-in center in downtown Reading. Our Women’s Drop-In Center is designed to help women who are currently being sexually exploited.  Our drop-in serves women’s most basic and critical needs, including a safe place to rest, confidentiality, food, hygiene and feminine products, as well as community resources.  We offer ongoing relational support and advocacy.  We aim to be a place of refuge by providing immediate tangible needs and safety to women being sexually exploited.

FREE is preparing to open Refuge Home. Our home will give survivors coming out of Commercial Sexual Exploitation the chance to take their first steps toward healing and restoration; to go from victims to survivors.  Our program will be 45 days, where survivors’ basic needs are met; food, shelter and safety, and where they will also receive a referral for long-term placement.  Our home will be set up to take women from throughout the entire country.

Our program will be for adult women, 18 to 35 years old, who have been victims of sex trafficking and sexual exploitation.  We will house up to 5 women at a time.  We will work with experts from the community and throughout the country who have been trained and equipped to meet the very specific, complex needs of trafficking survivors.  We will take a holistic, comprehensive and trauma-informed approach to treatment and care, as we focus on the mind, body and spirit, the whole person, always recognizing, understanding and being responsive to the impact trauma has had in the lives of the women we serve.  The purpose of this home will be to create a safe, loving, empowering and healing environment where community and belonging is fostered and where women will take their first steps toward restoration and sustained freedom.

We take prayer very seriously at FREE and believe it's our first line of defense against human trafficking.  We have monthly prayer and outreach in areas known for sexual exploitation.  We meet women right on the street, let them know we can be a resource to them and pray with them if they would like prayer.  A group of us hit the streets for outreach, while a group stays back at our office to pray.  We also have a team of intercessors always praying for FREE and the women we serve.  

FREE has been educating our communities in Berks County and beyond for 10 years on human trafficking; how to identify and respond to victims and survivors, how to purge its demand from our communities, and giving people tangible ways they can get involved in the fight against modern-slavery.  We believe awareness is key to ending human trafficking and sexual exploitation.  We will always be committed to educating, equipping and empowering our communities to take action against human trafficking and sexual exploitation!

In 2017, FREE formed the Berks Coalition Against Human Trafficking (BCAHT). BCAHT is working to develop a collaborative community partnership with law enforcement, service providers, businesses and community members to raise awareness and combat human trafficking through education, training and outreach, as well as intervention and empowerment for survivors. 

FREE is a faith-based organization and Jesus Christ is at the center of everything we do and the reason we advocate for the enslaved.

We believe victims can become survivors, and we will continue to partner with Jesus in setting the captives free!

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