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HER Campaign's mission is to help women heal, grow, and find purpose. Our vision is to show the world there is hope and healing after a life of exploitation.

Our HER Refuge program is located in Montana and serves women ages 18+ who are survivors of exploitation including labor trafficking, sex trafficking, and sexual trauma. The HER Refuge provides option for long-term housing, safety, and stability while educating participants about all of their options. Our team of caring staff and volunteers seek to assess each woman individually, evaluating unique needs based on her trauma, experiences, and personal gifts. Services that you will receive through the HER Refuge are meant to help you lead a life of independence, stepping into your true identity and hope for a beautiful future. These services include living in a loving family dynamic, basic daily living skills, resources to therapy and trauma informed programs, and career readiness preparation and training.

Goals of the HER Refuge holistic restoration program are as listed:

  1. Provide a loving, home-like environment for physical and emotional safety so that clear decisions can be made for a hopeful future.

  2. Provide consistency in relationship and structure so that participants can become more stable and increase their capabilities and competencies.

  3. Expose participants to opportunities to explore and grow in faith.

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