About the organization

Northern Virginia Human Trafficking Initiative (NOVA-HTI) exists to eradicate sex and labor  trafficking in Northern Virginia.

Our Mission:

To eradicate human trafficking and restore those impacted through awareness, prayer, partnerships, intervention, and victim services.

Our Strategy  

To network, serve, pray, and create awareness to mobilize the local Church and community to make a difference in its own neighborhoods and ultimately, eradicate human trafficking in Northern Virginia. NOVA-HTI stands on the front lines of human trafficking by connecting with the public,  law enforcement, service providers, and volunteers to identify those being trafficked and provide intervention, crisis response and aftercare services.

Our work begins with our Intervention Team, which builds relationships with domestic victims as they are being trafficked. These relationships allow them to begin to trust again and assists them on their long journey to freedom and healing. We provide important crisis response the first 48 hours after victims are recovered. If they choose to continue with our trauma-informed case management, we provide a full assessment of needs and begin to build a strong support structure that will help them successfully reintegrate into society through our Drop-In Center.

NOVA-HTI strives to multiply its efforts and its model across the nation and empower communities to recognize and eradicate trafficking.

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