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Redeemed owns and operates an 8-bed safe house in the Houston area, where we have provided restoration services utilizing a nationally recognized trauma-informed approach to women who have been rescued from their traffickers. The house is not only a safe space for the women to reside but is also a place of healing and hope for the journey ahead of them. We have designed a program to provide holistic healing addressing spiritual, physical, emotional and relational needs and the uniqueness of each individual. The house provides safety and care for the women as they are healing with a program based on ISTSS Expert Consensus Treatment Guidelines for Complex PTSD in Adults. The women in our care are provided with counseling, equine therapy, expressive art, voluntary Bible studies, recovery groups, life skills, and self-sufficiency training.  After the program is complete, our goal for women is to officially graduate and transition into self-sustainable, exploitation-free, independent or semi-independent living.

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