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Rescue America empowers victims of sex trafficking and sexual exploitation to exit the sex trade via a 24/7 hotline and emergency assessment program.

Our 24/7 rescue hotline provides immediate response and rescue for victims of sex trafficking and sexual exploitation. When our hotline rings volunteer hotline advocates are the first responder, if the victim is ready to exit the life our on-call exit strategist plans a way of escape with the victim, locates a bed in a partner shelter and deploys a volunteer exit team to pick the survivor up from a public location and transport to the shelter. In 2019, our hotline received 437 calls, of those, 305 calls were from victims, with 149 choosing to exit the life.

Our Emergency Care Program is a 60-day program that achieves assessment and stabilization through holistic therapy addressing mind, body and spirit, and was created to address the most common variables that cause victims to return to the life over and over again. Once the survivor arrives at the Affiliate Home Partner the outstanding physiological needs are addressed first—food, water, and sleep. Within 24-36 hours of rescue, we then give the survivor a program overview. Should the survivor determine she wants to enter our program our survivor advocate schedules and coordinates all program appointments and transportation. Licensed professional therapists then start the administration of assessments to treat behavioral challenges and DSM-V diagnoses common to victims of sex trafficking such as PTSD, depression, anxiety, bipolar and dissociative identity disorder. In 2019, 32 survivors entered the program with 14 individuals, or 43.75%, completing the program and entering into continued care placement. On average, graduates from the program demonstrated a 62% reduction in level of PTSD symptoms, a 49% reduction in level of anxiety symptoms, and a 63% reduction in level of depression symptoms, as measured by the PCL-5, BAI and BDI respectively.

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