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Stepping Stones is a network of trained professionals, compassionate individuals and committed organizations who partner with adults and nurture children impacted by commercial sexual exploitation as they take steps to interrupt the cycle of trauma, develop life skills and build a safe circle of support.

Our Core programs include: 

1. Restorative Services for trafficked moms with their children.  Stepping Stones Network has developed a program that fills a gap in services and treats both the mother and the child as a client. While many programs offer safety and basic needs for a time, our program is long-term and helps the family break the cycle and rebuild their lives. A mother and children admitted into our program will be enrolled in our four core, individualized services.  

  • Therapeutic Programming - Monday through Friday, 9-4:30. Day Program addresses Planning & Purpose, Holistic Health, Parenting, Relationships and Trauma & Addiction Recovery. Twelve-week sessions. Graduates participate for 12-18 months or longer if needed.  Post-program, clients are making healthier pragmatic choices, leaning into a safe circle of support and establishing economic independence.

  • Housing - 24x7 Residential Communal or Rental Assistance for women participating in our Day Program

  • Childcare & Development (full-day weekdays)

  • Case Management 

2.  Virtual groups for men who want to break free from purchasing sex or pornography addiction.  

Our physical properties are located in central Lake County, IL, with intent to expand to other geographies. Most staff and partners are in Chicagoland; however, our network and referral sources extend throughout the US because of the scarcity of our specialized programming for mothers with their children. Our goal is to eliminate this gap in services by improving our program outcomes, expanding our reach, and inspiring others to implement similar programs. 



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