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         My name is Kellie Lynch and I am an herbalist and equine-assisted learning facilitator. My vision for Stewarding Connections, a place where people can connect with the natural world to facilitate wellness, came to me after graduating from nursing school and seeing the lack of resources available to address the chronic diseases within our society today. The more I've learned about herbalism and equine-assisted learning, the more I've seen their ability to address not just physical diseases, but the mental and emotional challenges as well. I've always had a passion to serve survivors of trauma, particularly survivors of human trafficking, and the more I've worked with the equine-assisted models and the world of plants, my eyes were opened to partnering with these incredible beings to help address PTSD and the mental, physical, and emotional imbalances it can cause in survivors of human trafficking. 

When clients first come to Allerton Farm, they will be greeted with the serenity of the historic and permanently preserved farm. After discussing where the client is emotionally, physically, and spiritually, we move up to the horse field where clients participate with the horses. With training in the EAGALA model and E3A model as well as twenty years of horse experience, I help the clients attune themselves to the horses’ interaction with them during the activity, giving rise to deep personal insight.

With the client’s insight into their emotional and spiritual state, we move into the garden where we discuss what the client is experiencing physically in light of the activity with the horses. Addressing mind, body, and spirit, we develop a food plan (discussing our current food system and how we can support ourselves nutritionally in our modern era), learn about the plants the client will be working with, and finally, harvest the medicine together.

As life never remains the same, the goal at Stewarding Connections is to equip clients with the self-awareness, education, and tools needed to restore their balance and ease continually throughout their life journey and long after our time together.

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