About the organization

The heart of this ministry began when Sarah Isaac-Samuel published her own personal life story. Not realizing the impact it would have or the people it would speak to, she shares honestly and openly about her life experiences in her story A Journey Back to Restoration. In telling her story the grim reality of what truly happened to her as a child came to light. During conversations through the editing phase she was given a name for what transpired and came face to face with the fact that she had been trafficked by her step mother. 

As we move forward in the formation of TWIGS Restoration Ministry we'd like to share our hearts, mission and vision with others who are like minded.

Our Mission is to provide a safe environment to survivors of sex trafficking for their spiritual, physical and emotional well-being. We provide services, guidance and support that will equip and empower them to transform their hearts, minds and spirits to an ambassador on a journey of restoration with Christ.

Our Vision

TOGETHER: With God our nurturing staff and volunteers,

WE: Join together with survivors of sex trafficking to

INITIATE: Restoration, dignity, and promote strong foundations and new beginnings.

GROWTH: Comes by cultivating new life, new perspectives, new dreams, hopes and future and 

STABILITY: is established as they flourish into the ambassadors God created them to be.



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