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YSS was founded in 1976 as Iowa’s first homeless shelter specifically for youth, and its mission is to create hope and opportunity by putting kids first. Over the last forty five years, the programs have expanded to not only help homeless youth, but to help kids, adolescents, young adults, survivors, and families throughout every stage of childhood and beyond.

YSS’s existing programs, focusing on youth and young adults, include emergency stabilization and housing programs such as adolescent homeless shelters, transitional living programs, rapid rehousing programs, street outreach, emergency beds for young adults, and crisis stabilization and case management; treatment and behavioral health programs such as adolescent addiction treatment and recovery, therapy, outpatient and in-home counseling services, play therapy, and medication management; education and prevention programs such as anti-human trafficking awareness programs, mentoring programs, before and after school programs, delinquency prevention programs, drug, alcohol, tobacco, and teen pregnancy prevention; and transitional programs such as employment and financial literacy services, parenting skills, aftercare for foster and adoptive youth, a drop-in center, and post-secondary education assistance. YSS is one of Iowa’s most respected social services organization in Iowa. YSS is proud to offer affirming and transformative services so each young person can create their path to independence.

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