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Zoe Life Outreach began 5 years ago as a ministry to reach out to girls in the sex industry with God's unconditional love.  One of the ways we built relationships with the girls was by bringing a meal to the house they stayed while they worked in our community.  As we continued to bring meals, they began to trust us. This trust opened the door for other opportunities to spend time with them individually. After our city changed the ordinance and adult entertainment was no longer allowed, most of the girls we had built relationships with no longer came to our community.  However we have been able to maintain contact with a few. We also did several prayer walks around the hotels in our community. A few of us attended an event around the Super Bowl in Oakland CA that involved training, hands on experiences and connecting with F.R.E.E. International and Exodus Cry.  Our hearts continue to be broken and filled with compassion for this issue.

Since then the Lord has brought other opportunities our way. We have provided support to a couple women in our community who had been trafficked and had left that life and were trying to live a new life.  We learned a lot with each of these relationships and we gained a deeper understanding of the importance of a restorative program.   Through one of the women we walked along side for a season, we met the trafficking division of  YouthWorks. They were working with her to get the services and help she needed. As we learned more about YouthWorks we found there were a few ways we could provide tangible assistance. One way was providing bags of supplies for the survivors this organization is helping as well as some financial assistance for a couple of women.

Several months ago the Lord gave me a big dream to have a restorative home for women survivors of trafficking.  We are in the very beginning stages of pursuing this dream. It would seem all the experiences we have had over the past 5 years, have been instrumental in preparing the way for the next step that is on our hearts.


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