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Further enhance the quality of care for survivors in your organization through direct access to resources and trainings for you and your staff.

  • Videos/Webinars presentations by experts in the field
  • Templates and tools to ensure integrity for your organization
  • Archive of our resource-heavy Sheltered Guides

By having staff that are fully equipped with the latest tools and tactics, we can see each survivor receive better services. 

Collaborative Community

NTSA wants you to be supported and empowered by one another as service providers for survivors of trafficking and exploitation.

  • Group Forums to glean from each other
  • Round Table/Think Tanks/Training Opportunities with experts in the field
  • Instant communication between each Alliance member
  • Advisory Council coming soon!

By working together we can ensure that every survivor has the best access to quality care!


Together we can advance the field of residential care for survivors of trafficking and exploitation by building our collective credibility.

Through credibility and accountability, survivors, donors and community members can trust our programs are the highest quality.

Join us and others in the field of residential care each year at our Sheltered Conference.

  • Discounts and special offers exclusively for members
  • Have your organization and expertise represented as a featured speaker
  • Network with fellow service providers from across the country

By coming together every year, we can foster a culture of learning and collaborating for the benefit of survivors across the US.

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Ho’ola Na Pua, Hawaii

"The NTSA is an incredible connector and resource. The collaborative space provided to exchange information with national partners has been invaluable, especially being geographically more isolated. Through round tables, webinars, and training tools specific to trafficking programs, we have had the ability to sharpen our skills and usher in elevated service delivery for our clients."

OneVoiceHome, Texas

"The membership that OneVoiceHome has with the NTSA is invaluable. Scripture tells us that "iron sharpens iron" and we truly believe that the NTSA makes us sharper. We are stretched, gain knowledge, and receive true wisdom from those in the Alliance. The NTSA pushes us, at OVH, to be the best version of ourselves and provide quality care to survivors."

Thistle Farms, Tennessee

"Thistle Farms has partnered with NTSA since 2019! We value their rigor and dedication to help survivors of human trafficking. They are always ready with resources or words of encouragement. We love NTSA!”

NTSA Reports and Presentations

"Need to Knows" About Sending a Referral Through ARS

September 2021

The Alliance Referral System (ARS) connects survivors with residential services all across the country efficiently and with dignity. Our referral system is open to anyone so if you need to send a referral, have questions, or just want to learn more about ARS, then this is the webinar for you! This training will provide special insight on:

  • Who can make a referral
  • Helpful tips for filling out the form
  • Why certain information is important to include
  • What to expect when speaking with service providers about placement

Watch the full webinar here.

Access the PowerPoint from the webinar here.

"Need to Knows" About Being an ARS Receiving Agency

May 2021

The Alliance Referral System (ARS) connects survivors with residential services all across the country, but what should you expect when receiving one of our referrals? This training will provide special insight for receiving agencies to better understand the survivor and survivor advocate experience when going through the referral process. We’ll also discuss how we, as the service-provider community, can work together to better serve survivors as they seek out and begin a residential program.

Watch the full webinar here.

Access the PowerPoint from the webinar here.

2020 ARS Year-End Report

March 2021

Created over two years ago, the Alliance Referral System (ARS) works to meet this goal by providing a simplified method for survivor advocates and front-line responders to connect survivors to shelter programs that meet their needs.

2020 was a historic year for the field of anti-trafficking, residential services, and the ARS Program. In light of the record number of referrals facilitated by our team this year, we want to share some of what we learned about survivors, those helping survivors find housing, and residential programs. This report
shares how ARS works, a summary of the data we've collected from referrals, and a look at what is to come in 2021.

Read the full report here.

2021 Vision for NTSA

March 2021

On March 11th, NTSA hosted a virtual round table presentation! A lot has happened since we launched, so we want to provide you with a few powerful stories about how our programs are supporting organizations serving survivors of trafficking and exploitation. NTSA staff were excited to share with you: how we have reached 500 referrals through ARS, the launch of our Accreditation program, a sneak peak of Sheltered Conference 2021!

If you missed it, you can watch the full presentation here.

Contributions to the 2021 Trafficking In Persons Report

February 2021

The National Trafficking Sheltered Alliance in partnership with Thistle Farms joined together to highlight the impact of agencies serving survivors of trafficking and exploitation through the COVID-19 pandemic. The findings* were then submitted for the 2021 Trafficking In Persons Report. It is because of these agencies, and so many others, that survivors were able to seek and receive services throughout the country despite the continued implications of COVID-19.

Read the full report here.

Landscape of Human Trafficking

January 2021

On December 9, 2020 NTSA hosted a roundtable discussion with partners and leaders in the field of anti-trafficking and exploitation. NTSA recognizes that not all industries were represented at the discussion strictly due to the time constraints. The intent of the roundtable was to discuss the landscape of human trafficking in 2020 due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as what to expect in 2021.

Read the full report here.

Questions? Email us or call (443) 267-4090